Thursday, 1 November 2012

Magic Town

Magic Town is a recent discovery for us. It's a website and app containing a virtual world of stories.

Reuben really likes the independence of reading virtual books, so this website is really nice for him. We only use the free version but you can upgrade to a paid subscription and get more stories. The free version has around 15 books and a new story each day. There is also a download section with free activity worksheets.

When you arrive in Magic Town, you’ll meet the guides Izzy and Max. They’re there to show you around. You’ll see lots of houses that hold the stories and games. And if you click on the big tree at the top of the landscape, you meet Louis the Storyteller. Louis is a wise old lion who has travelled the world, collecting stories that he’s brought to Magic Town. Click on Louis to get the free story of the day.

Some of the free books include: Elmer the elephant, Winnie the Witch, The little princess, and classics like Little red riding hood and The boy who cried wolf.

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