Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pottery Wheel

We tried a local pottery class last week but Reuben was a little overwhelmed by all the other children in the room and of course there is the usual issue of: what if I don't feel like doing pottery at 10am on a Friday morning... So his solution was to ask for a potters wheel he could use at home when he felt like it. The wheel came this morning and he immediately set to work!
This is the one we got:

I thought I would try out a child one to see how they get on, if pottery takes off then we will invest in a proper one. In fact a long time project for all of us will be to have a separate workshop where we can all go and create while being as messy as we like.

The end product: a slightly grumpy looking pot
The set up

We have no idea what we are doing but it's a lot of fun finding out
Reuben likes the professional feel of the pedal
The pot takes shape

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