Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Treasure people

This is a really lovely activity for toddlers (and beyond). Isaac, who is nearly 3, saw these ice-cream stick men in the craft shop yesterday. We also bought some gems and other things for them to decorate their projects with. I put a load of stuff on the table this morning and pretty much left them to it. Isaac immediately started decorating his stick men and turned them into Treasure People!
The other thing I liked about these little people is that the boys played with them a lot afterwards, they did some role playing (the people fell out with each other but the gems did not luckily) and they now adorn the bookcase.
The gems (which also double as treasure in pirate games) have a flat
side so they're really easy for a toddler to stick on
I also found they stick fast and the glue (stick glue from the craft
shop) dried quickly enough so Isaac did not get frustrated with them
falling off

I can do it all by myself

Two lovely treasure people!

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