Monday, 8 October 2012

Earth School App

Another great ipad app!
How did the universe begin? How was life born on earth? Where did water on earth come from? Welcome to earth school, Earth School is an educational kids app containing 18 different mini games. It shows the big bang to earth generation, from life beginning to dinosaur extinction.

It is aimed at 2 to 6 year olds but I found that Reuben (nearly 5) went through it very quickly and remembered it all at the end (comets, black holes and the division of cells amongst other things), Isaac though (nearly 3) loves it loves it loves it, and squeals with delight every time he helps to feed the dinosaur!

Subjects covered (that a 3 year old will understand) are:
- The big bang
- Black hole
- Planet generation
- Birth of the Galaxy
- Evolution of species
- Saturn's Ring
- Fossil Hunting

More info here

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