Friday, 5 October 2012

A great wooden toy box for toddlers (and beyond)

I don't usually go to big supermarkets (they give me anxiety and I don't like all the manipulative buying techniques) but this afternoon we found ourselves in our local gigantic Asda store as I had a lot of household stuff to buy as well as food and Reuben wanted a toy he had seen there months before... so while looking for his toy we were very surprised to find this instead:

It's an old fashioned looking wooden box (currently going for £12) filled with wooden toys, the boys saw it and forgot about anything else, we are now at home and they are still playing with it an hour later, therefore I thought I'd share it! You can buy it here if you are interested. There are building blocks, alphabet blocks, a wooden puzzle, a bead and wire toy, a stacking toy, a shape sorter and one of the sides is blackboard for chalk drawing. I say it is for toddlers but Reuben (nearly 5) is having just as much fun!

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