Tuesday, 4 September 2012

London Zoo

Before I had children I was in two minds about visiting zoos, I know that the animals are all born in captivity and they would not be equipped to live in the wild, zoos offer a home for them, but I still felt very uneasy at watching them in the enclosures, especially great apes. I still feel uneasy but I also see how amazed the boys are at seeing the animals in real life, they love to watch animal based cartoons and programmes so it is very exciting for them to see the real thing. We have also visited rescue centres and found out about injured animals and how we can help.


So off we went last Sunday and it was certainly a very full day! We managed to see most of it, take part in workshops (see the shadow puppet show in my previous post), have lunch and numerous ice creams and play in the children's fun areas, we didn't try any of the playgrounds but that was just lack of time.

Here are some of the highlights for us:

The Okapi, is it a zebra? A horse? A small giraffe? The boys couldn't decide

The boys enjoyed the play areas set up for children throughout
 the zoo

The big cats, especially the tigers
The penguin beach, excellent!
One of the best I've seen
The giant Iguana the boys thought was a statue, then it moved!
The butterfly tunnel, it was wonderful, the boys loved the
butterflies flying all around them, I was a bit nervous at
squashing one though...
The bouncy castle!

The aquarium, especially the fish from the Finding Nemo film
It wasn't the cheapest of days out so we had to plan it carefully (we were not staying in London so had to think about trains and local transport too), but all the details can be found on the website http://www.zsl.org/zsl-london-zoo

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