Monday, 17 September 2012

Snibston Discovery Museum

My sister and her four children are staying with us for a week so I was thinking of places to visit that would suit 6 children with ages ranging from 2 to 16... In the nearby town of Coleville here in Leicestershire where we live, is the very wonderful Snibston. And it was great!!
It was established in 1992 following closure of the Colliery (whose site it is now on, you can still see all the heavy machinery that was used to mine coal), Snibston Discovery Museum is the showcase for Leicestershire’s historic science, technology, design and fashion collections. It aims to explore the changing technological world in which we live, through exhibitions, events and our learning programmes, and you can find out more about major technological changes which have affected our everyday lives.
For more information:

The museum (I'm sure it used to be called a discovery park) is divided into sections covering machines, toys, science (human body, tornadoes, you name it), transport from the past (we loved the old milk float and planes), fashion, water technology (the outside park has canals, dams, pumps and much to experiment with), and a great playground.

Here are some of our favourite bits:

The plasma globe

Can you build the pipe system?

Henry the cycling skeleton

Making Henry move

Gears, can you place them so that moving one all the
others move too?

Locks for very small boats

Seeing how the locks work

Navigating a boat through the canals


Little miners, just about to go into the (play) tunnel and search
for coal

A happy little miner who had a great day at Snibston

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