Monday, 3 September 2012

Shadow Puppets at London Zoo

We were visiting London Zoo last Sunday and the boys wanted to go to the aquarium first (I think that the month in Cornwall gave them an interest in fish...) and we were pleased to find that a shadow puppet craft activity was going on inside. Reuben needed some help in making the puppet, but he had two willing helpers in me and my friend! The bit that absolutely fascinated him was making the puppets move afterwards.

Reuben's puppet is the small starfish on the left
The puppets were made by cutting out a shape on thick black card, we then added some holes to make patterns (we made round holes in the starfish) and covered them with shapes from transparent coloured acrylic sheets. We then taped a stick to the back with a paper clip at the end to give the fish a sense of movement.
The puppeteer was behind a big white screen lit from behind, Reuben went to join him with his finished starfish and listened intently to all the man had to say. He was moving his puppet and talking to the puppeteer for a very long time and we enjoyed seeing him so absorbed in an activity.

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