Saturday, 22 September 2012


This I think was one of the scariest experiences I have had... The boys of course weren't bothered!

We were in London with relatives and as our party consisted of 6 children of varying ages we thought the London Sealife Aquarium would be a good idea. I knew they had sharks and was quite excited, but we have visited a number of aquariums and the sharks are always of the small, pale, mind-my-own-business variety. Not here!!

The first encounter is when you walk in to the aquarium and have to walk over a glass floor, I didn't spot anything scary so thought no more of it. We then proceeded to have a very nice time indeed as the boys enjoy finding out about all the different types of fish and trying to attract their attention.

Then we walked into the shark reef aquarium and I nearly had a heart attack, my body went into full fight or flight mode when the meanest, biggest, darkest, most equipped with rows of scary teeth, creature came swimming towards us. I completely forgot I was outside the tank and froze, until Reuben shouted: "Mummy are you in shock?"
They loved every minute of it and were absolutely mesmerised by the actually very beautiful animals.
And I apologise for the terrible pictures as I was too scared to go near the glass...

There are sixteen sharks altogether, including the two striking 2.8m brown sharks and a group of 10 sleek black tip reef sharks. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) rates the blacktip reef shark as Near Threatened – overfishing has led to its decline as it is a slow-reproducing species (like all sharks). Young or small blacktip reef sharks often fall prey to larger fish such as groupers, grey reef sharks, tiger sharks or even bigger blacktip reef sharks.
Reuben as usual found all the technical stuff really interesting while Isaac just wants to look and give them a hug!!

Here's other hightlight of the day:

Waiting for the others outside the aquarium
with the fishing game, luckily Reuben
always throws them back!

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