Sunday, 23 September 2012

IXL maths website

Amongst the impressive amount of online courses for children, we quite like this website. It covers maths from reception to year 11 so if you follow the national curriculum or want to see what your child would be doing in school it is a good resource.

It is a subscription service (currently it costs about £7 a month) but you can use quite a lot of it before it asks you to subscribe...
I found that younger children can't really use it independently unlike the apps my boys have on the ipad, but Reuben quite likes the fact that I need to sit with him and read out the questions.
It would work well with a structured approach (lots of goals and progress tracking) and for us (who don't follow lesson plans) it is fun just to see where the boys are in terms of understanding maths concepts. When you subscribe there is a reward system that maybe autonomous learners would dislike but you can always ignore it... Overall I find that it is good value for money and good for general maths practice.

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