Thursday, 13 September 2012

Country parks and nature reserves

An important part of our week is spending time walking, cycling and playing in the local country parks and nature reserves, the boys enjoy playgrounds but I find that their imagination can really take hold outside of structured environments. We also spend time in wooded/forest areas but the activities there are a little different, more forest fun soon.

One of our favourite places is Watermead Country Park in Leicestershire where we live, from their website ( this is a description: On the edge of Leicester, just five miles from the city centre, Watermead Country Park is a 140 hectare green oasis. It is a haven for wildlife and a peaceful stretch of countryside, easily accessible for many people. Most of the paths are surfaced making it an ideal site to visit for wheelchair and buggy users. The park is developing one of the largest reedbed areas in the Midlands, and four bird hides, including a 2-storey hide, provide great viewing opportunities for visitors.

Climbing the dinosaur head
This means that the boys can take their bicycles (and tricycles) and cycle round the lakes, we spot birds (and feed them) and enjoy the dinosaur trail round the main King Lear lake. We have also done map reading/orienteering there as well as geocaching (geocaching info here and organised nature walks and den building.

Climbing the dinosaur hill

Top of the dino

Dinosaur ribcage climbing frame

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