Saturday, 6 October 2012

Make a paper beach

The boys loved the beaches in Normandy and Reuben today had a great idea: let's make a paper beach!!

As usual he is the brains, I am the hands (with a bit more brains if needed...) and he pretty much told me exactly what he wanted. Fist we had to stand up his bodyboard (I tied it to the bookcase) then we needed a big sheet of yellow paper (which luckily we had), then lots of smaller pieces of blue paper to make wavy water.

We sellotaped the blue paper together to make waves then drew wave shapes with felt tip pens

We then drew lots of shells and creatures you find on a beach, to help us we used the Seashore book from Collins Nature Guides and it reminded us of a lot of sea life we have seen in Cornwall, Norfolk and Normandy this Summer.

The boys then grabbed some towels and played on the beach, we are also making fish cakes for supper!

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