Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sword and Shield

We went for the consecutive Sunday to the Jewry Wall Museum in Leicester, annexed to the remains of the Roman baths.

Last week Isaac greatly enjoyed some excavation and got very excited every time he found a bit of tile or pottery.

This week there were some craft activities laid out for the children, Reuben very rarely takes part as I think he dislikes having to make something someone else has decided for him... but if he likes the project he will concentrate for a long time, he is happy to follow instructions and listens attentively when the person in charge wants to help him (so autonomous learners are not antisocial or incapable of doing organised activities). The project in question today was a cardboard sword and shield. We have made swords at home in the past so I think he wanted to see how else he could make one, and of course he just wanted to make one so he could play with his friends.

Reuben makes friends with the girl in charge!
Sword and shield are made from decorated cardboard
Reuben is very happy to listen to instructions and ideas
All is decorated in sparkling gems!

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