Thursday, 11 October 2012

Nature Detectives

As we are all huge lovers of the woods (and we are lucky we live near the National Forest) we found the children's website from the Woodland Trust a treasure trove of ideas.
It's called Nature Detectives and is just jam-packed with activities.

You can download an impressive amount of activities ideas, worksheets, recognition sheets, booklets, arts and crafts ideas, seasonal activities, you name it!

This is the Halloween activity booklet (click on image to download)

And the Autumn activity booklet (click on image to download)

For a small subscription fee you can join the Nature Detectives club and you will receive some extra material and weekly challenges, we joined but in all honesty (with the huge amount of stuff available for free on the website) we haven't done a challenge in months...
Our favourite resources are the recognition sheets (plants, birds, etc.) and making things (dens, fairy houses, etc.) and we like the seasonal activities.

The boys running in the Outwoods

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