Friday, 26 October 2012

Archaeology at Charnwood museum

We all do love a good museum! After our new found love of history and archaeology, thanks to the holiday in Normandy, we appreciate our history even more. This morning we spent a happy couple of hours at Charnwood Museum in Loughborough, here's some of the things we did:
A model castle to build, after visiting Mount St Michel in Normandy the boys have a good
idea of what an imposing castle and moat look like
Reuben loves the microscope, he can analyse fragments of archaeological finds as well as
modern organic matter like wood and insects
Building a castle
Brass rubbings without the paper...
The microscope is connected to a screen so Reuben can have a proper look
Comfortable with the equipment, we have a small microscope at home but this setup is very
special to him
Reuben zooms in and out and has learnt how to focus
The giant oak tree in the museum, you can just about see the glass walkway under which
lies a local dinosaur!
Working out the best strategic way to build a castle

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