Friday, 5 October 2012

Co-operative games

While in France, the friends we were staying with had a number of board games for adults and children alike. I found that Reuben disliked the competitive ones and could not get into the whole winner/loser thing, he often cheered when others scored points and did not abide by the rules... (I quite like this about him!)
But the games he did like were the co-operative ones where all players come together to achieve a common goal, you still take turns and follow rules but everyone wins when the target is reached, avoiding a lot of upset or boasting (depending on who has lost or won).
I did a bit of research and found a number of these games on the Myriad website.

They are appropriate for most ages and include:

Shadow in the Woods Board Game
A co-operative game for children 5 years and up, requiring the help of an adult to move the candle. The object of the game is for the Gnomes to unite under one tree. The candle tries to find the Gnomes and freeze them with its light. A second co-operative game on the board's reverse is for children age 7 years and up. Here the candle is stationary, and the gnomes must move through the shadows and jump over the light.
Ripe sweet cherries and plums, juicy apples and pears are hanging from the trees and are ready to be picked. But the bold raven also has his keen eye on the fruit. Can the fruit be harvested quickly before the raven can snatch it away? A co-operative game for 2 or more players.
An exciting co-operative fantasy game for age 4+. Our Princess needs to be rescued from a mean guard and a fierce dog. It's not going to be easy, and besides, darkness is coming. Off we go into the fields, woods and meadows in search of things magical and practical required to free the Princess. This co-operative game is a firm favourite with our testers.

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