Friday, 1 February 2013

Our last week in Italy

We are finally back home in Leicestershire still a little dazed from all the train travel. A lot happened in the week we spent on the coast including Reuben swimming in the sea in January, much skateboarding, broken water heaters and a trip to the local hospital... The train journey back was ok and this time we got a regular taxi in Paris and had no problems whatsoever. Here are some of the highlights!

Isaac on the beach in Sabaudia, on the Italian coast about 90 minutes south
of Rome, my father has a house there which he kindly lets us use.

Beach hut closed for the winter, it was a lot of fun exploring at this time of
year, this stretch of coast gets VERY busy in the Summer

There's a lot of debris and abandoned things on this stretch of beach

Coats and jackets are quickly discarded

A cleaner beach in S.Felice Circeo, the town next to ours.

Sand angels

The playground in S.Felice, our favourite in the area, at lunch time it was

Skateboarding lessons in the S.Felice playground

Reuben really really wants a motorbike

He borrowed this battery charged bike from my stepsister's son,
he rode it into town, zoomed around the square then it ran out
of charge so we had to push it all the way back to the house!

More skateboarding lessons in Sabaudia's national park

The national park is a wonderful place for children, all sorts of interesting
things can be found if you walk around

Me and Isaac take a walk through the woods in the national

Actually I take a walk in the woods... Isaac enjoys being pushed in the
monster buggy

Our last day in Sabaudia and we take advantage of the
beaches again

The boys find lots of abandoned toys behind a hut

Pose for daddy

Isaac found some of my father's heart medication in one of the drawers
(my father had forgotten it there so did not tell us about it), not
knowing if he had swallowed any we took him to hospital in a rush. The
staff took the situation very seriously and we were there for 5 hours while
he was continuously monitored, luckily he showed no worrying symptoms
so we took him home. Here is is watching telly in the pediatric waiting room.

The hospital was in a terrible state, some of the machinery
was not working, the building was dilapidated in parts and
a lot of the signs were either so old you could not read them
or hand written

Waiting for our train in the Eurostar lounge in Paris

Gare du Nord

More skateboarding while waiting for the Eurostar

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