Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wrest Park in Bedfordshire

We are slowly exploring the area around Hitchin and the websites of the National Trust and English Heritage were amongst the first resources I used, I came across this amazing place (a 25 minute drive from us) and we had to visit! Wrest Park is a country estate located near Silsoe, Bedfordshire. It comprises Wrest Park, a Grade I listed country house, and Wrest Park Gardens, also Grade I listed, formal gardens surrounding the mansion.

Before you even go in there's lots to do, the very very cute wooden playground is free to use (but it was very busy today as it's a half term holiday) and the cafe and shop are nice. I made a quick mental calculation and worked out that joining English Heritage as a member would save me a lot of money if the boys like the place and we want to come back, in the end that is what I did as the entry fee is £8 per adult and as a member I paid £47 for 15 months allowing me entrance to any EH property.

And the boys loved the place, absolutely loved it! Reuben made lots of friends and they all played happily for 4 hours!!

You can spot the mansion in the background

There was a layer of ice on the pond and the boys had fun cracking it


Hide and seek in the garden

Running towards the Pavilion

Lots of slopes to run up and down on

Chinese bridge

The Chinese temple

Cracking the ice

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