Monday, 25 February 2013

Space2play in Hitchin

As the weather continues to be grotty (I love England dearly but would not complain if I was magically transported to a Caribbean beach right now) our plan to explore local parks and playgrounds is on hold. But the boys really need to run around, climb and generally have a lot of space to explore so we remembered this indoors play centre we visited last year.

I am not really a huge fan of these places as all the garish colours and plastic get to me. Without mentioning the terrible music... But the boys really like them so today I made an effort and actually it was ok.

Some indoors play centres we have been to have a terrible vibe (that's you Hobby Horse in Syston) and the boys always end up hurt and upset, and some have a good one (Oak farm park). Luckily space2play was in this last group, we went from around 10.30 to 1 so avoided all the "big kids", Reuben is getting a bit old for toddler oriented things but we were happy to find some older children there today and I wondered if they were home educated too.

So all was well then after about an hour, while we were sitting down having a drink, the weirdest thing happened: the music got really loud, millions of bubbles suddenly appeared from nowhere and someone in a lion costume materialised and started to dance!!! Reuben thought it was hilarious and Isaac was terrified. But at least now we are prepared if we go again.

Before we left Reuben had a go on the go karts, he looks so small but at 5 he can do a lot more on his own that I imagine.
So I'm still not convinced about these places but the boys now want to go every week!!

Spot the Reuben

Bubbles, lots of them

Weird lion thingy, excuse the blurred photo


And motorbikes!

Another blurred photo but I had an excuse here, he was going VERY fast


  1. It's SO hard to find things for kids to do in the winter....we have SO much snow, but it's finally getting a little milder...-3C today...your boys are ADORABLE!!!!


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