Friday, 7 December 2012

A few changes

I have not been writing in this blog for a few weeks now, it was a combination of having to deal with personal issues and a need to change direction. I liked the idea of a sharing resources, of posting about the good stuff we did and discovered but this led to some problems. Mainly I found myself worrying about not offending anyone who might have a different approach from us, and as a family of very autonomous learners this proved difficult. I also found myself not fully immersed in the boys' activities as I was always taking pictures and thinking about the blog angle... not good!

But I love writing and I love this platform so the most honest thing for me to do is record my thoughts and our family journey. Not everyone is prepared to embrace a free range way of life and that's ok, but I have done so much soul searching, thinking and questioning these last few years that I would like to share the journey.
Other changes I have made are to the look of the blog and the removal of all ads as I felt slightly uncomfortable with them, I am also no longer affiliated with Amazon or any other sponsor.


  1. The new look is lovely. I try to be as free range as possible with my 2 too but do have wobbles, mostly when trying to articulate our ways to doubting family so love to hear what others are up to :-)

  2. Thanks! I am possibly guilty of being too evangelical about it so my family members are now scared of even raising the issue :) but of course there are difficulties, this will probably be the subject of my next post


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