Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Think Tank science museum

Think Tank is the science discovery museum in Birmingham, about an hour away from us by car. We have been here before but it was impossible to take it all in in one day so came back for a second visit, and this one was a whole day job too!!

It's very hands on and excellent for the boys who are now nearly 3 and 5. Our favourite bits were Kid City, a miniature city where children can interact with everything and role play being in the adult world, I was nearly in tears when I saw Reuben filling up one the cars with fuel, just like I do!!

The next best bit was the planetarium and the show we saw called Earth, Moon and Sun, here is a trailer:

Other things we enjoyed were programming the robots, especially Thespian Robot, a humanoid actor robot, looking through the galleries and finding out more about our bodies, and the lovely science garden outside where you can explore these areas:
  • Energise - Harness renewable energy to power a mechanical theatre - which turbine or solar panel will you choose?
  • Mechanise - Use a host of intriguing machines to feed the 8m high 'Terminus' machine - can you get enough for an explosion of dancing balls and whistles?
  • Mobilise - How does it feel riding on a wagon with square wheels on a bumpy road? Find out

  • It was very cold on this visit so we gave the garden a miss (although last time the boys spent a long time on the terminus machine, and there is more water play) but here are some pictures of the other things we enjoyed:

    Isaac weighs his vegetables

    Space commander Reuben on a mission

    The boys operate the mechanical arm

    Water play

    Isaac tries to copy the design

    Brick laying

    This pipe needs mending, must put hard hat on!

    Picnic lunch


    Reuben programmes the robot drummer

    Isaac check out his tools in the garage

    Reuben operates Thespian robot

    The phones in Kid City are all connected

    Thespian robot

    The favourite bit, water play!

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