Friday, 28 December 2012

Art and play at Snibston

One thing I really like about the boys is how varied their interests and activities are. You might take them to the same place dozens of times and they'll always do something different!

Tired of being cooped up at home, due to rain, flooding and places being mobbed by people on holiday, today we were determined to go out so we drove the car through the nearby farm to get over the flooded brook and headed for Snibston discovery park.
There Reuben watched with much interest how I filled in our season ticket renewal form and as soon as we went in he wanted to write. So we headed for the art tables and there he spent a happy hour writing and drawing, his efforts also reinforce my idea that iPad drawing is just as valid as drawing with a pencil, he seems very capable with both mediums!!
The boys also explored the toy boxes, they had never really been interested before but today they had fun with the train tracks and other construction style toys.

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