Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Explora museum for children in Rome

This is a super space for children in Rome, we only found out about it last year.
Explora, (from their website) is a children-size museum based on learning by doing.

The Museum is an opportunity to play and learn, an interactive tour that develops focusing on their capabilities and potential, providing chances for creativity, exchange and knowledge development.
At Explora children can engage in facts, reality and everyday life. You grow up while playing, touching and doing.
Explora relates children to environment, communication, economy, new technologies, science and culture that allow children to explore the mystery of things through interactive exhibits.
Tours at Explora are self-guided, children can choose on their own the area and the exhibit to play in, stop there as long as they like, and change the activity whenever they want to.

The last bit is important as here in Italy there is a tendency to push.. sorry meant guide... children in pretty much each aspect of life. And even though staff encourages the children to truly explore, the parents can't help themselves, we have been here twice now and each time I hear: Luisa enough of that now, Giulio lets go over there, Sofia it's time to go upstairs now... On the other hand the boys can happily spend an hour on each activity section and it can be expensive as you pay for a session which is only one hour and 45 minutes long, so it was 17euros for us to get in today and I will be spending the same next week as we only saw half of it. But as my mum said: "the boys like to do things properly!!"

Entrance with olive tree

Water canals outside

The very cute bookshop

They were so happy when they got this working

Side of the building

The crumbling walls outside have been cleverly decorated

Recycled materials for art projects

The pretend vegetable garden

The kitchen, Isaac put all his veggies in the oven

They then set the table and invited me for dinner

Water play with fire engine

The water play section is good and quite challenging as it took me a while to work it all out

You can only activate some of the features from above

Reuben fire fighter

Who lives in these houses?

The computer room

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