Sunday, 13 January 2013

Rainy day and the Etruscan museum in Rome

We nearly didn't go out today, my sister was here with 3 of her 4 children and after a long session during which we tried to find a place we all agreed on to visit we were ready to go out, then it started pouring with rain! But we were not deterred so all piled into her little red car and set off to visit the Etruscan museum near the large Villa Borghese the boys love.

The museum is wonderful and as it had stopped raining we enjoyed running round the gardens which included a Ninfeo (a sacred place near water, named from the Ninfe, female water spirits) and a small maze. The artifacts in the museum (which also included a replica of Etruscan tombs) were also wonderful, unfortunately we had a very bad experience with the two ladies who were manning the rooms we visited, one continuously told the children what not to do even though they were not doing it! This really upset us as Reuben had never heard of the Etruscans, I was telling him about them as we walked in, he got very excited at seeing all the pots and utensils then the silly woman started following us and telling us don't touch this don't sit there don't put your hands on the glass, but we WEREN'T!!! At that point Reuben got very upset, started crying and wanted to go home, what a shame, foolish people, instead of appreciating the fact that a 5 year old is so interested in the ancient world they were just worried about any damage he could do. But we gave it another go and went downstairs to see the tomb section. More hassle... another employee started stalking us, walking behind us, stopping when we stopped and staring the whole time, I was really distressed as we were doing nothing wrong, I mentioned that we were not criminals, had paid our ticket and wanted to see the museum in peace, she looked at me as if I was mad... We left.

So we retreated to Villa Borghese where the children all played happily until we heard thunder and it very quickly started to rain, all in all it was a good day and I'll go back to the Villa as soon as the weather is ok again.

Reuben and Yuri, my nephew, in the gardens of the museum

The beautiful frescoes in the gallery round the courtyard

Small temple in the grounds

Jumping amongst the ruins

The Ninfeo seen from above

The small maze

Villa Borghese outside the Zoo

Villa Borghese

With Yuri and Irene, the boys' cousins

Is there room for one more in there?

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