Saturday, 19 January 2013

Maxxi museum of 21st century art

We finally succeeded in visiting this amazing space/museum as after a week of rain we are no longer worried by it.

The MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Arts is a national museum dedicated to contemporary creativity, located in the Flaminio neighbourhood of Rome, Italy. It is managed by a foundation created by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. It was designed as a multidisciplinary space by Zaha Hadid and committed to experimentation and innovation in the arts and architecture.

The children enjoyed it immensely, unfortunately I couldn't take many photos in the galleries so I snapped away at the amazing architecture, there is an art and architecture section and our favourite exhibition was William Kentridge's Vertical Thinking. The space was amazing, both inside and out and the cafe did one good chocolate cake!! I can't recommend this museum highly enough and the boys had a wonderful and educational time, Reuben even added some pebble art of his own near the entrance.

Reuben's pebble art

At the front of the building

That was nice cake!

We really liked the cafe too


You can see the entrance hall two floors down

See-through staircase

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