Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cardboard Swords

As a life long pacifist I knew this moment would eventually come, and it wasn't so bad! Reuben watched a cartoon version of the Three Musketeers and, as usual, he watches something and takes inspiration/wants to experience the things he liked in real life. So of course the question arose: Mummy can we make some swords so I can challenge you to a duel?
The safest thing seemed to be cardboard so off we went to the craft corner, this was the result:

Not quite d'Artagnan... but good for a four and a half year old

Cardboard reinforced at the back (with another two strips of cardboard, cross shape) lots of silver foil and a mountain of sellotape to keep it together. The duel? Scary stuff... I kept losing my weapon!

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