Monday, 6 August 2012

Sarah Richardson for Tate art books

To follow on from the previous Tate related post, we particularly like these two resources from Sarah Richardson (a London artist and teacher) available from the Tate shops:

Art in a box
The box contains twenty A5 cards each depicting a work from Tate's collection, with a range of related art activities detailed on the reverse including painting, collage, textile, photography and sculpture. What I really like about it is that the boys can open the box, scatter the cards on the floor and pick the one they like best, easier than looking things up in a book!

Make your mark: the drawing book for children
A really nicely designed drawing aid for children, it is a creative journey based manual, it begins with scribbling, they then learn how to create tone, line, shape, texture and pattern, eventually arriving at the more sophisticated principles involved in drawing animals and people and mastering perspective.

You can find more information (and the chance to buy them) in the Tate online shop: and on Amazon

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