Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Some of our art projects

These are some of the art/craft projects the boys (mainly Reuben) have worked on recently. We very rarely plan what we are going to do, the boys like to root around in the art corner (all materials are available to them) and try things out, sometimes they know exactly what they want to do or they look through books to get ideas from or just mess about and see what happens. If I think they'd like something in particular I might sit down and do it myself, sometimes they do it too, sometimes they don't. But it's always fun and they tend to spend some time in the art corner every day.

Make up painting. I drew the big face and the boys applied the (watercolour) make up

This is one of Isaac's (2 and a half), he painted the background with watercolours then stuck on some dinosaur foam stickers

Lego fish in the (tissue paper) sea

A bit of a cheat as me made this from a kit! But we were in Cornwall in the caravan and really wanted to make a sail boat

Play Clay. I think this was supposed to be a rescue boat as we had been to the Maritime museum that morning

Decorating the caravan

iPad art

Reuben's iPad art

Butterfly mask, really easy to make: Reuben drew the pattern on card, coloured it and I cut it out + put some elastic string around it.

The result of Reuben let loose in his daddy's studio. I gave him the little canvas and he used pastels, oil crayons and drip acrylic paint

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