Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Make a Pop-up book

Pop-up cards and books are addictive!!! Reuben wanted to make a small card for his daddy and next thing we knew we were making a pop-up castle half as big as the table.

Our first attempt

Wizard of Oz from a template
A very good one stop website with instructions and templates to download is Robert Sauda's the artist and children's books illustrator. And the cards can be put together to make a book.
Here are some examples, the pop-ups are divided into simple, intermediate and advanced.

Advanced: Ship pop-up

Intermediate: Shark pop-up

Simple: Rabbit pop-up
Or you can get a ready made kit like the Creativity for Kids one.


  1. Where do you get the templates from?

  2. Oh now I see the link.

  3. Thank you, glad you found the link :)


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