Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Here we go

So welcome to science and fairies! This blog follows on from my personal one as I felt that what people were most interested in (apart from my fascinating family of course!!) was a sharing of resources and ideas.

We are a home educating family based in the UK and follow an autonomous approach, I often find myself being grateful to other home ed families who share resources and was looking for a platform to pull things together, like art ideas, books and websites, things to do, anything really that makes our learning journey more interesting and fun. So here we are. In time it will all be divided into categories and I hope readers will be happy to comment and contribute themselves.

And why science and fairies? They are favourites in our house at the moment, along with trains, painting and modelling, reading and writing, the ipad, animals, walking in the woods, going to the cinema,  museums and castles, and so on and so on...

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