Friday, 3 August 2012

William's Words in Science

We met William Hirst at Hesfes (the annual home education festival in the UK, will talk more of that soon) as he had a stall promoting his book and did some really nice science demonstrations/workshops. William is a science teacher with a background in biochemistry, biophysics and bio-engineering (he has degrees in all of these!) and has written a dictionary of scientific terminology and basics.
We bought the book as it is really useful when Reuben asks a question like: what is DNA (well, I know that one... but things like: how is wind made, or what exactly is a chemical?) but it is mainly aimed at secondary/high school level. Reuben really liked William's model of the human body and would often stop to try and rearrange the organs... William would not lose the opportunity to quiz him: what is this organ? Reuben: I don't know. William: yes you do! Reuben: the lungs? Not many people would talk to a four year old as if he was fourteen! I liked that.
You can find more information on the book on his website, he also has some free resources and puzzles.

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